Our team at Falcon Exterior Enterprises is the result of three major businesses merging to create one single company, which is your ‘go-to’ for all your construction needs.

Damon Hill of RFP Construction, Jamie Mannon, and Steve Thomas have combined all their knowledge, expertise and years of experience, along with a dedication to customer satisfaction to create a triple threat in their newest business endeavor.

Damon Hill

Raise in the building and farming industry, Damon moved to Big Bear City, California in 1978. By the age of 20, Damon had receive his B-1 Contractor License in California, where he began┬áStructural┬áhome and business framing and general contract work until 1982 when he moved to El Granada, California. There Damon performed residential and commercial general contracting. In 1994, Damon moved to Idaho, performing residential contract work, until 1998 when he became the regional supervisor, for a national framing company. In 1999, Damon moved to Steamboat Springs, CO where he performed over 1 million square feet of structural framing and general contract work on commercial projects. Damon’s work is diverse: from small single family homes to large framing projects over $2.4 million each, and general contracting over $9.5 million each. Damon started Falcon in 2010, and is now working to keep homes in Colorado and other States free of weather damage to your property.